Thank you

Ryan Kennery and his fiancée Nicole
Ryan Kennery and his fiancée Nicole

What an adventure!

Nicole and I want to express our gratitude for everyone who supported the campaign along the way. Whether you volunteered, donated, or simply said a kind word to us when we were going door-to-door — you helped make every busy day just a little bit brighter.

While the result wasn’t what we hoped for, we finish this campaign incredibly proud of our efforts.

I also want to thank and congratulate my two fellow candidates, Emilie and Rick, for their campaigns and contributions.

To the folks who spoke with me on doorsteps, online, and at events over the last six months: thank you for your engagement. Thank you for your questions, stories, and ideas. Thank you for challenging my thinking, shaping my perspective, and making me more hopeful than ever about the bright future of our incredible city.

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