New energy we need.

City Hall experience to get results.

New Energy for College Ward

Meet Ryan Kennery

“This is a great place to live. Together, we’ll make it even better.”

Ryan started his career at the City of Ottawa as a public servant and an advisor to the Mayor. Since then, he’s worked as a senior manager at a local small business, working to build healthier, stronger communities. He will be ready on day one to get results for you.

Your City Councillor should consult with you, keep you informed, and provide excellent customer service. As changes like LRT come to our area in the coming years, you can count on Ryan Kennery to put our community’s interests first.

Getting you home faster

Build transit to cut gridlock

Respecting your tax dollars

Big and small – from the City’s debt load to office expenses

Safe streets and communities

Community solutions to crime and road safety

Always accountable to you

Through better customer service and community engagement

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