Bells Corners Deserves Better

September 30, 2018

I’ve knocked on thousands of doors in Bells Corners over the last few months and had some incredible conversations on the doorstep. Here’s what I heard from neighbours about how the City can do better.

Economic development and the “community improvement plan”

City Council has recently started a program called a “Community Improvement Plan,” which seeks to attract new businesses to the area. While tax breaks are a helpful incentive, the plan seems to be missing a key component: the community.

Residents, business owners, and employees have told me that there needs to be a greater focus on what can make the broader community better for economic development. If sidewalks are missing in certain areas, it is hard to get neighbours to walk around the corner to shop in a local store. If bus schedules do not line up with employee shifts, it is difficult to attract workers.

There are great opportunities ahead for Bells Corners, with the light rail transit expansion to Moodie and the completion of the DND campus relocation to the area. We need to capitalize on this change and bring new energy and a sense of urgency to City Hall to make sure the Bells Corners community get its fair share.

Communication and customer service

I’ve heard that although City Hall is just a few exits away on the highway, many folks in Bells Corners feel like they have been left behind.

Some feel that there is a deficit in services and would like to see more satellite and outreach programs to ensure the community has all the services it needs. Others feel isolated from their neighbours and want a City Councillor who will help create a stronger community. Some have raised concerns about why the City hasn’t done more to increase police visibility in the area after the Bells Corners police office was closed.

I’ve spent my entire career in communications. I’m a problem-solver and collaborator that thrives on bringing neighbours together and going above-and-beyond to keep people informed. Bells Corners residents pay their fair share and we should ensure they see their fair share of services.

A fresh perspective

For a long time, Bells Corners residents have been told what is going to happen instead of being asked what they need to make the community stronger. I think it’s time for the City Councillor to work with residents to find out what services they want and need in the community.

We need a more collaborative approach to help Bells Corners reach its full potential. I want to make room at the table for everyone. If you contact my office, you will get a response. If you have an idea or a project, we will explore it together with an open mind. Working together, I know we can bring new energy to make Bells Corners even better.

If elected as your City Councillor on October 22, I will:

  • Hold open “office hours” at local businesses on a frequent basis to be more present and accessible as your City Councillor (no appointment required)
  • Work with community members and businesses to host more community events in Bells Corners to provide additional opportunities for neighbours to come together
  • Expand our economic development efforts to focus on what will make the community better for employees, employers and neighbours
  • Advocate for more outreach and satellite services to build a community where everyone reaches their full potential
  • Ensure reliable bus service during and after construction of light rail transit to Moodie and Bayshore

Learn more about my community priorities and contact me if you have specific questions or input.