Building a City for Everyone

September 30, 2018

Poverty and affordable housing

City Hall is investing more than ever in affordable housing, but too many people are still being left behind. We need a new solution, so that everyone in our neighbourhood has a safe place to call home

We need to take a systems-wide approach to address homelessness and examine the broader issue of poverty.

We need to use tools such as inclusionary zoning to ensure there’s a place for everyone, as more high-rise buildings are built near transit stations. We cannot repeat past mistakes by forcing families into precarious housing  or isolating them with other folks who are struggling. We can’t afford to push another generation out to the fringes.

Overdoses and addictions

Opioid-related overdose deaths are on the rise. This isn’t just a downtown issue: It’s happening in every community in our city. These deaths are preventable and we need to connect drug users with the life-saving programs they need.

At the same time, all levels of government must be transparent and collaborative about funding and locations of supervised consumption services and other harm reduction initiatives. Communities need to be part of the process and the solution.

Checking our blind spots

Those in positions of power and privilege, such as City Councillors, need to recognize their own limitations when creating programs and policies. This starts by ensuring that there are systems in place to take into account the diversity of viewpoints and lived experiences in our city.

I will:

  • Work to ensure people with lived experiences are involved in decision-making
  • Approach the opioid and overdose crisis as a public health issue
  • Hold a Seniors Summit to ensure College Ward is more age-friendly

I will advocate for:

  • Applying a gender lens to City initiatives to strengthen our decision-making
  • New approaches to affordable housing and poverty reduction, such as inclusionary zoning
  • Treatment of workers and the environment to be a consideration when awarding procured City contracts

Learn more about my community priorities and contact me if you have specific questions or input.