Community Safety

September 30, 2018

Taking action on road safety

Parents and caregivers are frustrated by the lack of traffic enforcement in our neighbourhoods. Our streets are being used as cut-through routes and speed limits are being treated as suggestions. This isn’t safe for anyone, especially for seniors and children.

We need to make use of all of the tools in our toolbox – and find some new ones – to put a stop to speeding and invest more in community road safety. This includes measures like speed bumps and photo radar.

Our ward traffic calming budget is currently being spent with little vision or transparency. We’ve had some last-minute measures implemented in an election year, but more than half of the available funds have been left on the table. We need a Councillor who involves the community to effectively use all of this budget.

Community-based solutions to crime

The issues we’re facing with guns and gangs in our city are complicated and concerning. I’m supportive of efforts to hire more police officers, including looking at the police budget outside of the overall tax cap set by Council, but I know this is only part of the solution.

The violence we are seeing in our area requires a community effort and response. Community agencies need to have the resources to continue their work to create more resilient communities. Everything from after-school programs, to gang exit strategies need to be part of our overall efforts to give young people better options.

I will:

  • Hold a ward community safety forum to keep you informed and engaged
  • List the Ottawa Police Board and Crime Prevention Ottawa as my top choices for committee assignments
  • Collaborate with you about how and when the ward traffic calming budget will be used

I will advocate for:

  • Better outreach and programs for underserved parts of our community
  • Common-sense regulations around the sale of cannabis that respects community input
  • Use of photo radar in school zones as a pilot project

Learn more about my community priorities and contact me if you have specific questions or input.