Let’s Bring New Energy to City Hall

My Commitments To You

As I knocked on thousands of doors this summer, I’ve heard from neighbours that it’s time for new energy at the Council table.¬†College Ward deserves a fresh perspective to help address the challenges we’re facing as a city.

Below you will find some of the top issues that I believe are most important for the future of our community. To see more additional platform commitments for each subject, click “learn more”.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Extend LRT to Baseline, Iris, and Moodie to reduce commute times

Support resurfacing projects to take action on potholes and decaying roads

Minimize construction impacts, while keeping you informed

Community Safety

Work closely with neighbours to take action on road safety and traffic calming

Support anti-gang efforts, focusing on community-based solutions

Ensure police and community agencies have the resources they need

Building a City for Everyone

Support innovative solutions to affordable housing and poverty reduction

Support sidewalk and cycling improvements

Address the opioid and overdose crisis with compassion

Taxes, Debt and Spending

Get Ottawa’s debt under control, which has doubled since 2010

Cut red tape and make it easier to do business with City Hall 

Curb wasteful spending on private meals and events

Service and Accountability

Serve for only two terms as Councillor

Strive for quick turnaround times and excellent service in person, by phone and online

Go above and beyond to keep you informed about what’s happening at City Hall

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