Road Safety and Traffic Calming

September 18, 2018

As I knocked on more than 15,000 doors during this campaign, one of the top community concerns by far was neighbourhood road safety.

This is a quality of life issue. Too many of our streets are being used as cut-through routes. Speed limits are being treated as suggestions. This isn’t safe for anyone, especially for seniors and kids.

We need to make use of all of the tools in our toolbox — and find some new ones — to put a stop to speeding and invest more in community road safety.

Unfortunately, the College Ward traffic calming budget is currently being spent with little vision or transparency. CBC Ottawa recently reported that College Ward residents saw just 45% of the traffic calming budget used this term, near the very bottom among all 23 Councillors.

We need a Councillor who will bring new energy to this challenge, and involve the community in finding solutions.

If elected as your Councillor on October 22, I’m committed to:

  • Holding a ward community safety forum to keep you informed and engaged
  • Collaborating with neighbours about how and when the $160,000 ward traffic calming budget will be used
  • Expanding our traffic calming toolbox through the common-sense use of speed bumps, and photo radar in school zones
  • Ensuring community road safety is considered as part of the next Transportation Master Plan review, which is the blueprint for how the City plans its future sidewalk and cycling investments

Learn more about my community priorities and contact me if you have specific questions or input.