Taxes, Debt and Spending

September 30, 2018

Getting our debt under control

Ottawa’s debt has more than tripled over the last 10 years. While much of this is due to projects like light rail, the City must be transparent about how and when our debt will be paid back. The plan needs to be affordable and can’t include massive tax increases.

Growth and sprawl are also costing us. Our area is being squeezed between new demands in the suburbs and big-ticket items for downtown. Let’s not get left behind: We pay our fair share, so we deserve our fair share of funds to improve our community.

Continuing a cap on taxes

No one wants to be surprised with a large tax hike. You deserve predictability when it comes to your property tax bill. It’s important to strike a balance between paying for City services and keeping things affordable for you and your family.

Respect starts in the Councillor’s office

You don’t get to charge meals and car expenses to taxpayers – and neither should your Councillor. Instead, the Councillor’s office budget should be focused on delivering quality service to you.

I will:

  • Not charge any private meals to taxpayers
  • Donate the Councillor car allowance to a local charity or community group
  • Oppose any new proposed municipal land transfer taxes

I will advocate for:

  • A fiscally responsible cap on property taxes
  • An annual budget process that includes a focus on controlling our debt and how it will be repaid
  • Federal and provincial levels of government to pay their fair share of projects

Learn more about my community priorities and contact me if you have specific questions or input.